Hair Blooms Wigs medical wig shop provides full wig for chemo patients  and hairpiece or toupee for alopecia, hair loss
Hair Blooms Wigs medical wig shop in Causeway Bay Hong Kong provides hairpiece for hair loss

Human Hair Wig &
Hairpiece Care 


Hair Blooms Wigs specializes in hand-made 100% Human Hair wigs and hairpiece for different type of hair loss with breathable, light and soft materials .


If you're shopping for human hair wig for cancer patient, for those suffering from hair thinning and various forms of alopecia, to cover grey hair or if you are simply looking for the most comfortable and natural looking wigs like naturally growing hair for daily wear, you've come to the right place.


We are dedicated to provide a full service that includes:


  • head measurement

  • fitting

  • made-to-order wigs or hair piece (You can choose for young or coarse hair)

  • hair coloring

  • free haircut and styling by professional hair stylist

  • making sure you know how to wear, wash and properly maintain the wig or hair piece 

  • HK$500 discount for cancer patients purchase wig or hairpiece


We offer FREE head measurement and fitting service.  Make an Appointment Today +852 94194310

Hair Blooms Wigs medical wig shop in Causeway Bay Hong Kong provides medical wig for chemo hair loss patients

Medical information

Hair loss causes by chemotherapy

Q.  Why chemotherapy causes hair loss?

A.​  Mainly due to the anti-cancer drugs do not only target cancer cells, they also attack normal cells which has a faster reproduction cycle yet our hairy hair cells is one of the faster reproduction of cells.

Q.  When will hair loss begin?

A.  After taking anti-cancer drugs for 2-3 weeks, symptoms of alopecia will start to appear.  At the beginning, some people may feel a slight pain in the scalp, the rate and extent of hair loss varies  from person to person, with others falling off at one time and others slowly becoming thinner. Hair loss is not just hair, eyebrows or eyelashes, the whole body's hair will be affected.


Q.  What should I do when I start to lose hair?

A.  Shortening the hair before hair loss begins is recommended, as short hair style would be more easy to  manage,  After the hair loss begins, the scalp will become fragile and vulnerable, recommend to use soft comb, mild or hypoallergenic weak acid shampoo for hair washing.  Also, avoid perm or dye hair during hair loss because both can cause irritation and damage to the scalp and hair.

Q.  When will the hair begin to grow again? 

A.  Each person's condition is varies.  New hair normally will begin to grow in in 3-12 months after completion of the anti-cancer treatment.


Other causes lead to hair loss

Family hereditary hair loss

Reason: Hormonal hair loss

Symptoms: hair line backwards, starting from the forehead to form a "M shape" or "Mediterranean"

Stress / illness

Cause: psychological stress or personal illness

Symptoms: loss alot of hair in a short period of time


Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis 

Cause: Autoimmune disorders

Symptoms: hair falls out in round patches or lose all hair on the scalp ​

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