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Utra-hold CC Contour Adhesive Tape 髮片膠紙


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Utra-hold CC Contour Adhesive Tape 髮片膠紙

  • Ultra Hold Tape is the most tacky, flexible, and long-lasting tape we make.   Comparable to Super Tape, Air Flex, and GeoBond, you will get the longest hold you’ve ever had from a tape. Ultra Hold can hold strong for 6+ Weeks. It has a urethane carrier that is extra stretchy, making it comfortable to wear and great for flexible lace base materials. It also features our ‘fingerprint’ textured pattern to reduce shine. The liner is white but the actual tape is clear.

    • Systems: All  
    • Dullness: Semi-Dull 
    • Gentleness: Skin Safe
    • Residue: High
    • Liner: Printed White (tape is clear) 
    • Thickness: 11.5 mil
    • Carrier: Stretchy
    • Maximum Wear: 4+ Weeks
    • Store at room temperature, below 90°F
    • Test on small area before use


    • Peel the scored liner off
    • The adhesive side is placed towards unit. Avoid touching adhesive
    • Place the tab where desired on the hair system
    • Repeat as needed
    • When ready to apply to the scalp, remove tabs

    Ultra Hold Tape 是WalkerTape製造的最粘、最靈活、最耐用的膠帶。 與 Super Tape、Air Flex 和 GeoBond 相比,您將從膠帶中獲得最長的保持時間。 Ultra Hold 可以保持強勁 6 週以上。 它有一個聚氨酯載體,具有額外的彈性,穿著舒適,非常適合靈活的蕾絲基底材料。 它還具有我們的“指紋”紋理圖案,以減少光澤。 襯裡是白色的,但實際的膠帶是透明的。

    • 系統:全部
    • 暗沉:半暗沉
    • 溫和:皮膚安全
    • 殘留物:高
    • 內襯:印刷白色(膠帶清晰)
    • 厚度:11.5 mil
    • 材料:有彈性
    • 最大磨損:4 週以上
    • 在室溫下儲存,低於 90°F
    • 使用前先用小面積測試效果

    1. 撕下划痕的襯墊
    2. 粘膠面朝向單元。 避免接觸粘合劑
    3. 將標籤放在頭髮系統上所需的位置
    4. 根據需要重複
    5. 準備好塗抹在頭皮上時,取下標籤

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