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Creme Shampoo Human Hair Gisela Mayer 真髮假髮洗頭水


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Creme Shampoo Human Hair Gisela Mayer 真髮假髮洗頭水

  • The Creme Shampoo from the Gisela Mayer for Human Hair wigs/hairpieces, has a natural, flowery aroma which is fresh and summery. A moisturising shampoo that can be used on human hair wigs, hair pieces and extensions. A deep cleaning shampoo that can aid the natural gloss and health of your human hair wig or hairpiece.

    How to use?
    Simply brush your wig, or hairpiece gently. Fill either a bowl or sink with lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon of the shampoo to every two litres of water.

    Then just simply massage and froth the Creme Shampoo into your Human Hair wig or hairpiece and leave in the solution for approximately 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and only repeat when you feel like your wig needs a clean.

    The Creme Shampoo also has Argan Oil and Pearlescent in it which will nurture and give your wig or hairpiece a fabulous softness and shine. It is free of Silicone and Paraben.


    Bottle size: 200ml

    來自 Gisela Mayer 的用於人發假髮/假髮的 Creme Shampoo 具有天然的花香,清新而夏日氣息。 一種保濕洗髮水,可用於人發假髮、發片和接發。 一種深層清潔洗髮水,可以幫助您的人發假髮或假髮保持自然光澤和健康。

    只需輕輕刷一下你的假髮或假髮。 用溫水填充碗或水槽。 每兩升水中加入一茶匙洗髮水。

    然後只需將 Creme Shampoo 按摩並起泡到您的人發假髮或假髮中,然後在溶液中停留約 2-3 分鐘。 徹底沖洗,僅在您覺得假髮需要清潔時重複。

    Creme Shampoo 還含有摩洛哥堅果油和珠光油,可以滋養並賦予您的假髮或假髮極好的柔軟度和光澤。 不含有機矽和對羥基苯甲酸酯。


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