Hair Blooms Wigs 假髮護理, 真髮假髮專用精油洗髮水 Essential Oil Shampoo for Wig and hair piece


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Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮假髮專用精油洗髮水 Essential Oil Shampoo for Wig

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  • 視頻 Video: 假髮清洗及護理 Medical Wig / Hair Piece wash and care

    • 保護假髮達到最優秀的滋潤及保濕效果 
    • 含有豐富礦物質,蛋白質,膠原,植物蠟和維生素D
    • 不含對羥基苯甲酸酯(Paraben)、矽及人造色素
    • 產地: 澳洲
    • 容量: 500


    • 先用小量精油洗髮水 (大概一個HK$5 硬幣大小份量) 輕柔地清洗假髮或髮片,然後放入室溫水中浸泡3分鐘之後,再用室溫水清洗乾淨。
    • 之後可以使用焗油護理髮尾油滋養假髮或髮片。
    • Protect your wig for the best nourishing  and moisturizing effect 
    • Rich in minerals, protein, collagen, vegetable wax and vitamin D
    • Silicone-free, Artificial colour-free and Paraben-free
    • Origin: Australia
    • 500ml


    • Pour small amount of Essential Oil Shampoo (approx. HK$5 coin size) gently wash it, then soak in room temperature water for 3 minutes, then rinse with room temperature water.
    • You can then use hair treatment and Hair Oil to nourish the wig or hairpieces.