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How to wear a hair piece

A.  Slight hair loss, but do not want to shovel the original hair

  • Secure with clips;

  • Suitable for some unbounded hairstyles.

B.  Slight hair loss, but do not want to shovel the original hair

  • Use a small amount of hair piece adhesive paper on the forehead, and use a fixed clip to fix the back part;

  • Hair can choose All back or boundary hairstyle.

C.  extensive hair loss

  • Use hair piece tape to fix the perimeter of the hair piece;

  • The adhesive tape can be replaced every day or last for four weeks, no matter swimming, washing hair, or doing sports, there is also a remover that can remove the wig by itself, and can be washed and reused;

  • Hair style can choose All back or boundary hairstyle.

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Case #119  Confident

"It was great to find Hair Blooms Wigs the first time I came into contact with Hair Piece! The first time I met Chris, I had a better impression than me. His opinions are so pertinent and professional, and he is so honest that he doesn't know how to sell hard. People are so comfortable and confident, and the Hair Piece from Qudi looks very natural. After comparing the Hair Piece/wigs from other shops, you will know the quality, and the price is also very fair, so I finally chose Zuoqudi! The results are impressive, although it takes some time to get used to the new self, but there is no doubt that the left appearance has been greatly improved, which is in line with my age! Sincerely thank Chris for his patience and professional advice!"


Case #117  Regain confidence

"Testimonial: “It's a great experience in my whole life. I get back my life style, hair blooms wigs fulfill my needs, thank you Chris Ho."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 wig, hairpiece shop in causeway bay, hong kong

Case #47  You won't leave unsatisfied

"I am very fortunate enough to be knowing about hair blooms wigs, the reason behind that is obviously the hair product. In all honesty, if i have to come back i will come to hair blooms wigs because there is alot of discount and sympathy shown for everyone. More than the hair product you can trust the person.


If i have to rate it out of 10, i will rate it as 100. I suggest every single one of you to go and have a look. I promise you, you wont leave unsatisfied."


Case #117  Sparse hair | self-confidence

"I have had hair loss problems since a few years ago: I have seen a doctor and taken medicine before, but it didn't help much~ Maybe it's because I inherited my father. Question ~ Li said to a young man that his hair loss is really self-confident, and then he went online to find Chris ho's film distribution company. After seeing the clips of the guests, he thought it was amazing, so he boldly went to make an appointment to watch it. I am afraid that I will sell it like that~ I really don’t have this feeling when I meet after meeting, and there are many opinions that I should do something, and I am asked to go back to the house to think clearly and decide whether to do it or not. Decide to do it first, and when it is done, it seems that there is no difference between it and the real thing: I hope that people with hair loss problems can get help, and I hope this sharing can help everyone take the first step."

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Case#40  regain confidence

"At the beginning, a friend spread a video on Youtube. In just two minutes of the video, I saw a teenager with hair loss on the top, and a hair stylist put on the hair piece and trimmed it for him. After that, I couldn't believe it. Seeing this young man's appearance feels complete and enriched. At this moment in the mirror, I wondered if I should give it a try⁉


From this day on, I began to pay attention to online videos and webpages. In this way, I tried to understand "Hair Blooms Wigs". "Hair Blooms Wigs" provides all-round support in the process of trying on the hair piece, starting from choosing the wearing method, measuring the head shape, making the headgear, guiding trying different ways to try on the hair piece, and professional after wearing the hair piece Trim to finish, explained very clearly at each step.

Wearing a hair patch, I believe that every friend should have the courage to try it--I have tried it! The reactions of friends, colleagues and family members are positive and good, and the new friends are not aware of it, and even travel and transit are just as smooth Through this, this feeling makes me more confident to develop my work. Just use a few minutes every day to start again. Take courage and you can start again!


Thank you for your trust and support. It can help you regain your confidence. I am so happy to see you happy. Please spread the word and wait for another option if you need it.. "

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 | 香港銅鑼灣 | medical wig shop | causeway bay | hong kong

Case #48  Looks younger

"It may be a hereditary hair loss problem. I started to experience hair loss when I was about 30 years old. I have also used a variety of anti-hair loss and hair growth products, but the effect is not very great. I gradually lost my perseverance and continued to use it. I saw it on the street before. When other people use wigs, they also have a very resistant mentality. Until I saw the effect of a friend using real hair extensions by chance, I also had an urge to try it.


I saw Hair Blooms Wigs’ Facebook through a friend’s introduction, and after discussing with the hair stylist Chris, I ordered a dark brown hair plus 10% white hair, which made me more realistic after using the hair piece. I don’t need to dye and It will also look natural when you dye your beard.


When Chris put on the hair piece for me, I also felt an inexplicable feeling in my heart, as if I went back to twenty years ago, and I couldn't believe it. After the hair trimming, many friends saw it for the first time on the street, but they didn't recognize it immediately. I had to explain to them. Many friends also felt that the effect was very good. I couldn't tell that it was artificial hair, and it looked much younger. , greatly improving self-confidence and not having to wear a headscarf to meet people in the future. "

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Case #90 regain confidence

"In recent years, I started to suffer from hair loss. When I was looking for hair pieces everywhere, I saw hair blooms wigs on the Internet. I am very grateful to Chris for his help, and he is very professional. He helped me cut a very satisfactory hairstyle. The hair pieces are natural It is breathable and completely solved my troubles."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及假髮片, 香港銅鑼灣, Wig shop, causeway bay, hong kong

Case #60​ More hair

"I asked Chris for help by accident. Chris has a professional and friendly working attitude. She first understands the customer's situation, and then listens carefully to the customer's request. She provides a one-stop service from consultation, trimming, tying teaching and maintenance methods. I am very satisfied with the new hairstyle. feels good."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 Medical Wig, Hairpiece, wig shop, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

Case #85  Thinning hair

"Thin hair bothers me a lot. I tried the so-called hair care package but it didn’t work. Why don’t you try wearing a hair piece? The hair blooms wigs are very light and won’t affect your daily life. I am very grateful to Chris for his help. Now I feel younger and more confident when walking on the street. "

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 @ 香港銅鑼灣 medical wig shop Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Case #81 New look

"When I was in college, I always relied on my youth and ignored my hair loss. After I came out to work, my life was turned upside down. With irregular meals and rest, the hair loss became more and more serious, and the congenital inheritance made the situation worse. I asked myself that I have a lot of requirements for my appearance. Although I am blessed in middle age, the problem of shifting and thinning hairline makes the whole appearance even worse. I finally made up my mind to solve this problem. I originally planned to have a hair transplant, but it was hindered by the operation The cost is high and the effect will take time, so I finally give up the idea. Fortunately, I found a substitute online. The price is cheaper and the effect is more immediate. Chris also patiently explained the structure of different wigs, and he did not hesitate to cut it to suit my head shape. The wig let me try it on, so that I can really see the effect before deciding whether to buy it or not. Chris, as the hair stylist of the star hair salon in Central, under her skillful hands, the wig is also seamlessly integrated with the real hair. After wearing it, I feel Naturally, I also gained more confidence when looking in the mirror, and I strongly recommend it to friends who have baldness and hair loss."

Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece

Case #113  fashion sense

“I suffered from hair loss due to illness more than ten years ago. I have tried several wig companies of the same type before, but for many years I could only meet the basic need of “having hair” and failed to really satisfy the beauty and Naturally, I waited until I found CHRIS, thank you for really understanding the needs of actual users and having a sense of fashion, and can satisfy the younger group or users who have further requirements. Thank you!!"

Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece

Case #115  M-shape hair loss 

"I have been using hair extensions for more than half a year. The previous hair extensions were purchased by another company and have worn out to the point of being unusable in less than half a year. I kept losing my hair, so I tried to find other companies and read them online. The hair blooms wigs seem to be good, so I went to have a look. The price is similar to the previous ones. It’s just because of the epidemic. The effect is very good and natural. I don’t think it will cause too much hair loss. It should last for a long time. ."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 | 香港銅鑼灣 | medical wig shop | causeway bay | hong kong

Case #46 very convenient

 "When I was young, I started to have hair loss problem. I never thought about using hair extensions for fear that it would be unnatural. I haven’t bought it yet. I saw Hair Blooms Wigs on the Internet and their wigs seem very natural, so I went to check and found that the hair pieces they provide can be fixed with clips on the forehead and back, which is very convenient.”


client request

. The hair quality of the hair piece should be thin and the quantity should not be too much;

. The hair piece can be removed every night, easy to put on in the morning, fixed with a clip;

. The customer's own hair does not need to be shoveled, and the original hair is kept

. The color of the hair piece is natural dark brown, and the hairstyle is refreshing and short, making the overall look very natural.

Hair+blooms+wigs+hairpiece+thin skin
Hair Blooms Wigs, medical wig, full wig, human hair醫療假髮, 真髮假髮, 髮片, 全頭假髮, 假髮香港
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
hairpiece, 髮片, hair blooms wigs, full wig, medical wig
Hair Blooms Wigs, medical wig, full wig, human hair醫療假髮, 真髮假髮, 髮片, 全頭假髮, 假髮香港
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs, medical wig, full wig, human hair醫療假髮, 真髮假髮, 髮片, 全頭假髮, 假髮香港
Hair blooms wigs, hairpiece, 髮片
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair Blooms Wigs 髮片 haipiece
Hair blooms wigs, 假髮片, 香港假髮
Hair blooms wigs, hairpiece, 髮片
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