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consultation process

It is recommended to order wigs 2-3 months before chemotherapy treatment. Free hair measurement and fitting service. The whole process from ordering, handmade, hair dyeing and logistics needs about 90-120sky.

Customized procedure:

  1. Make an appointment first to understand the product and understand your needs

  2. Choose and decide on wig length and color according to your style

  3. Measuring head shape

  4. Waiting about  90 -120day ordering process

  5. as a wigorHair pieceOnce you're done, schedule a haircut right away to complement your style

  6. teach you howWearing, washing and proper maintenance of wigs or hair extensions

Wig size adjustment

Before and after hair loss, the head size may be about   1 -2 In order to make the wig fit your head shape at the time of purchase or after purchase, there is an adjustment buckle at the bottom of the wig to adjust the distance of the head shape circumference. In addition, each wig also comes with 4 clips. When the hair grows out, we can help customers nail the clip to make it more comfortable and secure.

Our studio 

In order to protect privacy, our studio is an independent room space. Only one guest will be arranged to visit each time, and no one else will look at it.   allows you to try on different clothes with confidence. types of wigsorHair piece.

Our Medical Wigs

Why do you need a customized wig?

Everyone's head shape and size are different. If the three-dimensional shape of the wig is only an inch larger, but because the size is not suitable, the effect will look unnatural, as if there are many and thick hairs, so if you want to look natural, Touorder can satisfy you.


Why our medical wigs look so natural fit?

The medical wigs of Hair Blooms Wigs are different from those made by general machines. When weaving the wigs by hand, the real hair can be crocheted on the bottom of the net carefully and evenly, and you can also choose between fine hair and thick hair Hair texture, the effect is very close to the clothes so it looks very natural. On the contrary, the machine-made wigs are different in that the bottom of the net is sewn in a regular pattern and there are more unnecessary materials, so it will look thick and unnatural.

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