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Hair Blooms Wigs, curly hair wig, 曲髮假髮, 捲髮假髮

​Product Description: Human Hair | Medical Wig - Women's Whole Wig_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_cf58d_Human Hair |

Suitable for : hair thinning, medical hair loss, partial hair loss, cover great hair etc

  • This special inner membrane has only 1mm thickness, highly breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-sensitivity. It gives you natural looking;

  • The natural monofilament top gives the appearance of your own natural scalp;

  • There is non-slip adhesive on the hairline makes it secure not easy to slip away;

  • Elastic band located at the bottom can be adjusted to make it more even comfortable;

  • We would tailor your wig according to your head size to meet your needs.

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