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醫療假髮, 香港, 銅鑼灣, 假髮, 男士脫髮, 地中海, 禿頭, M 字額, 頭髮稀疏, 醫療假髮, 化療脫髮, 鬼剃頭, hairpiece medical wig shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

​Product Description: Human Hair | Medical Wig - Men's Hairpiece (15cm)

Suitable for : Men hair loss, M shape forehead, baldness, medical hair loss, partial hair loss, cover white hair, thinning hair etc.

  • This special inner membrane has only 1mm thickness, tightly attached to your scalp and gives you natural looking;

  • Provided with antiperspirant and highly-adhesive tapes, which can be adhered for up to 1 to 4 weeks, and can also be fixed with pressure sensitive clips;

  • You may wear it regardless of daily shampoo, swimming or other exercise; there are hair piece removers for you to clean and reused;

  • We would tailor made your wig according to your head size to meet your needs.


Product Type: Men's Hairpiece

Length: 15cm

Price: HK $4,900 up

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