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No-Shine Tape Contour 髮片膠紙


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No-Shine Tape Contour 髮片膠紙

  • No-Shine is a leader in maximum wear. It has a very dull finish and is virtually invisible through the unit. It’s made with urethane which makes it very flexible with the skin. We offer this tape in 1.5″ width rolls so it’s perfect for full-coverage jobs. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t break down as much as other tapes during removal. It’s great for use with any unit. The liner is white but the actual tape is clear.

    • Systems: All
    • Dullness: Dull (Great for Lace)
    • Gentleness: Hypoallergenic
    • Residue: High
    • Liner: Printed White (tape is clear)
    • Thickness: 10mil
    • Carrier: Stretchy
    • Maximum Wear: 2-4+ Weeks
    • Store at room temperature, below 90°F
    • Test on small area before use
    • Professional Use Only


    • Peel the scored liner off
    • The adhesive side is placed towards unit. Avoid touching adhesive
    • Place the tab where desired on the hair system
    • Repeat as needed
    • When ready to apply to the scalp, remove tabs


    No-Shine 在最大磨損方面處於領先地位。 具有非常暗淡自然遮蓋的表面,幾乎是看不見的。 它由聚氨酯製成,使其與皮膚非常柔韌。 以 1.5 英寸寬的捲筒形式提供這種膠帶,因此非常適合全覆蓋使用。 容易清潔,並且在拆卸過程中不會像其他膠帶那樣損壞。 非常適任何髮片。 襯裡是白色的,但實際的膠帶是透明的。

    • 系統:全部
    • 沉悶:自然遮蓋(非常適合蕾絲)
    • 溫和:低過敏性
    • 殘留物:高
    • 內襯:印刷白色(膠帶清晰)
    • 厚度:10mil
    • 材料:有彈性
    • 最大磨損:2-4 週以上
    • 在室溫下儲存,低於 90°F
    • 使用前先用小面積測試效果
    • 僅限專業用途

    使用方法 :
    1. 撕下划痕的襯墊
    2. 粘膠面朝向單元。 避免接觸粘合劑
    3. 將標籤放在頭髮系統上所需的位置
    4. 根據需要重複
    5. 準備好塗抹在頭皮上時,取下標籤

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