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Real case #120 very natural

"Because of my illness, I need to wear a wig. I just found hair bloom wigs on the Internet, so I came to try it. Because their wigs are made of real hair and have a proper thickness, they look very natural. The hair stylist will also trim my hair, which is really considerate.  If someone asks if I have a wig shop recommendation, I will definitely recommend hair bloom wigs! "

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 | 香港銅鑼灣 | medical wig shop | causeway bay | hong kong

Real case#50  cancer hair loss

"When I started chemotherapy, my hair started to fall out. My relatives asked me to try wearing a wig. I bought two at a common place that sells wigs. After that, I found that the wig was easy to shift, easy to bake, and very scarred. uncomfortable.

After a friend introduced Daisy medical wigs, I went to try them. Their wigs are made of real hair. They are ultra-thin and ultra-breathable. They fit my head shape and won’t shift! Hair stylist Zhong immediately helped me trim this real hair wig to match my face shape. Before, I was worried that I would wear a wig and ask the master to cut it!   A real one-stop service! Very good, efficient and understand my needs very well! Really happy! thanks! "


Real case #119  rebirth

"This is a very good experience. I sincerely recommend this store. I just wanted to know more about it, but the ready-made wigs are not only beautiful, but the service attitude of the store manager Chris Ho is more kind and patient. He is hard sell. It also gives me confidence. Yes, there will be after-sales service. In order to make the wig more suitable for me, I also trim it for me, and it is so natural that people around me have not noticed that I am wearing a wig. Although I am accepting and waiting for my hair to grow again, I used the wig introduced by Chris. Afterwards, I felt like I was reborn, and the gloomy mood was swept away, and I was able to face it more positively. After returning to the workplace, I used wigs every day before my hair fully grew out. Everyone said this hairstyle when they saw me Works great for me. Thank you, Chris"

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 | 香港銅鑼灣 | medical wig shop | causeway bay | hong kong

Real case#43 One-stop service

"I have a hair piece that I have used for a while, but it has not been used in recent years. When my daughter saw the real case of Hair Blooms Wigs, she felt that their quality was very high, and it was impossible to tell that she was wearing a wig! It looks like It was natural, so my daughter took me to order a new hair extension that will increase volume, cover gray hair and delay the color cycle."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 wig shop in

Real case #51   cover gray hair

"The white hair on the top of my mother's head has bothered her for a long time. Every time I dye it black, it grows back soon. I have to dye it once or twice a month for the white hair on the top of my head. _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_This time I had the opportunity to contact Hair Blooms Wigs, which completely solved my mother’s troubles. This hair piece completely covered the white hair on the top of her head. It’s super easy to manage and wear! It looks very natural, completely look It’s not because I’m wearing a hair piece! You don’t need to use so much hair dye!”

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片, 香港銅鑼灣 medical wig shop in causeway bay, hong kong

Real case#49  hair thinning | very breathable

"I have a hair piece that I have used for many years, but because it started to wear out, I wanted to get a new one for a while, but I have seen that it is too expensive, and the price is over 10,000. After that, my daughter took me to Hair Blooms Wigs to try it out. After trying it on, I think the style is very suitable, the price is very reasonable, and they gave me a gift.  The most important thing is that Chris can immediately trim my own hair to match this New hair piece. Very convenient!"

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片

Real case#42  Worry no more 

"I have tried different hair pieces in other wig shops before, but none of them are satisfied. The boundary is always a bit fake, and the tie is not natural, so I haven't bought it for many years, until a friend introduced Hair Blooms Wigs and went to them. After trying it out in the studio, after understanding, this natural slightly curly hairstyle is the most suitable for me and the boundary is also very natural. Hairstylist Chris also patiently taught me how to wear and take care of it. I am very happy and very satisfied."

ooms Wigs, women's hairpiece for hair loss and hair thinning, Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 真髮, 醫療假髮, 女士髮片, 遮掩白髮, 脫髮, 頭髮稀疏, 香港, 銅鑼灣

Real case#102 Covering gray hair|  thinning hair

Guest request: 

* Cover gray hair and solve hair loss troubles

* Simulated scalp, the color should be natural

* Quantity should be even and natural

* Breathable, suitable for summer wear


Real case#118  It is very convenient and natural to cover up gray hair 

"I have been using hair extensions for more than half a year. The previous hair extensions were purchased by another company and have worn out to the point of being unusable in less than half a year. I kept losing my hair, so I tried to find other companies and read them online. The hair blooms wigs seem to be good, so I went to have a look. The price is similar to the previous ones. It’s just because of the epidemic. The effect is very good and natural. I don’t think it will cause too much hair loss. It should last for a long time. ."

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片, 香港銅鑼灣, wig shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Real case#62  Chemotherapy hair loss regain confidence

Cancer chemotherapy wig Cancer Wig for chemotherapy patient 

"Before I knew that I was going to undergo chemotherapy, I knew that I would have hair loss problems. Fortunately, a friend introduced me and my family to the website of Hair Blooms Wigs. I saw that their wigs are also made of real hair, and they are very realistic. So I went to the company and chose fake hair, so that I can find a hairstyle that suits me, which is almost exactly the same as my previous hair style, and it makes me feel confident again when I go out, which makes me very happy."

Hair Blooms Wigs, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, cancer wig, 真髮, 醫療假髮, 假髮, 癌症脫髮

Real case #87 cancer hair loss

"The first time I saw your website online, I made an appointment and didn't look at other companies. I am quite satisfied with this wig. It should be fate! Chris is so good, so professional😀🥰"

Hair Blooms Wigs 真髮醫療假髮及髮片 wig shop, causeway bay, hong kong

Real case #70  solve troubles

"I have been suffering from hair loss, and I am afraid that it will be unnatural when I wear a wig, but the situation seems to be worse than before, so I decided to give it a try. I went to Hair Blooms Wigs to inquire. The owner also explained how to use and clean it carefully. The effect is also very natural, and I feel very comfortable. Well, it's not too difficult to deal with."

Hair Blooms Wigs, full wig for cancer hair loss, Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 真髮假髮, 醫療假髮, 女士髮片, 遮掩白髮, 脫髮, 頭髮稀疏, 癌症脫髮, 香港, 銅鑼灣
Hair Blooms Wigs, women's hairpiece for hair loss and hair thinning, Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 真髮假髮, 醫療假髮, 女士髮片, 遮掩白髮, 脫髮, 頭髮稀疏, 香港, 銅鑼灣

Real case#110 Cancer hair loss restores self-confidence

Cancer chemotherapy wig Cancer Wig for chemotherapy patient 

client request:
. The hair quality of the wig should be thin and have a simulated scalp;

. Wigs are required to be very breathable and easy to wear in summer;

. There is an adjustment belt for easy adjustment of the tightness;

. The color of the hair piece is natural wine red, and the refreshing short hair makes the overall look very natural.

Real case #108 Severe hair loss| Thinning hair

"I sincerely thank hair blooms wigs for helping me feel more confident~ I have bought it for the second time. After the first purchase, all my friends or customers including me have seen me...It proves that the hair is very natural because it is really used The hair made is what I want to see the most~ In addition, I am very grateful to  Chris for her professional advice. Every time, she explains and teaches how to clean and cut out the one that suits my face shape. Hair style! It is really worth recommending HAIR BLOOMS WIGS to friends in need."

Hair Blooms Wigs, women's hairpiece for hair loss and hair thinning, Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 真髮, 醫療假髮, 女士髮片, 遮掩白髮, 脫髮, 頭髮稀疏, 香港, 銅鑼灣

Real case #92  Covering gray hair|  thinning hair

"Hair loss has always troubled me until I met Hair Blooms Wigs Chris on an online platform. After she professionally recommended high-quality hair products, I was very satisfied. You have changed me and really made me confident. Thank you."


True Case #112 SuddenHair loss 

"The wig I was wearing suddenly had a problem, and I urgently needed to find a new wig to replace. I saw Hair Blooms Wigs had good reviews online, so I immediately contacted Chris. Chris is very kind and caring, which made me feel at ease. The quality of the wigs he provided is also good. Regardless of the hair quality or scalp, the authenticity is extremely high, and it is light and comfortable to wear. Even in summer, it will not feel hot. The most touching thing is that he knew that I needed it urgently, and Tedden helped me fix my hair in time. I will help you again if necessary."

Hair Blooms Wigs Hairpiece Medical wig Hong Kong Causeway

Testimonial #86  Hair thinning hair thinning

"I visited Hair Blooms Wigs to inquire about its services. Chris let me try a hair piece and I knew instantly that I had to get it. It felt light and natural... exactly what I am looking for. The quality is excellent and I looked at least 10 years younger. I met up with some friends right after and they couldn't believe the instant transformation. I am one happy customer and I am recommending Hair Blooms wigs to who ha all suffered from thinning hair."


Real case#114  cancer hair loss  very natural

"I found another wig company during the treatment of hair loss. I bought a long wig but the same hairstyle at the boundary was not very natural. After using it for more than a month, I finally found hair blooms wigs Chris to provide professional advice and skilled trimming skills. Hairstyle It's very natural, and the boundaries are well done, very satisfying."


Real case#116  chemotherapy hair loss Increased self-confidence

"Because I have to undergo chemotherapy because of cancer, the most difficult thing for me to accept is the obvious side effect of chemotherapy-hair loss. Since the doctor only gave me one week to prepare, I had to buy a wig in a very hasty situation. Although It is made with real hair, but the boundary is not real, there is no scalp, and it takes some time to tidy up before going out every time you use it. Moreover, the material is hard and thick, and you will feel uncomfortable after using it for a long time.

After chemotherapy, I need to return to work, and I often have to go out and face clients at work. A comfortable, light, natural and more realistic wig is very necessary for me. Fortunately, I found Hair Bloom Wigs on the Internet. The hair stylist Chris explained and introduced it to me very carefully. This is a wig that completely suits my wishes. After using it, I don’t feel hot when I go out to work in hot weather. Even if I go out with friends after work, I won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time. In addition, the whole shape is real, and the hair stylist carefully trimmed the right shape for me, which greatly increased my self-confidence. Not having to spend long hours arranging my wig before going to work gives me a sense of security on my way to recovery. "

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